First Look At Battle Cat In New Live Action He-Man Movie!

If you grew up in the 1980’s fewer things are as iconic to your childhood than He-Man. He-Man And The Masters of The Universe was a cartoon that featured a total wuss Prince Adam and his cowardly tiger Cringer who become He-Man and Battle Cat via a magical sword in order to kick Skeletor’s ass.

Well now it seems that we will soon get to see He-Man and Battle Cat- do battle in the flesh. When a fan tweeted Senior VP of Production for Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin asking him what was up with the new Masters of The Universe movie his company is creating, they got a quick response;

Franklin later responded with the more that he heard; original concept art of Battle Cat!


This looks like it could be a dark and gritty reboot of He-Man! This is not the first live action He-Man movie; the Masters of The Universe film came out in 1987 featuring everyone’s favorite Rocky villain Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. Some people now enjoy this movie since it is so bad it’s good.

However if you were an eight year old boy in the 80’s wanting to see a live action version of the cartoon; this was not the movie for you.  For one it takes place on Earth instead of He-Man’s homeworld of Eternia, there are laser guns …and most importantly there was no Battle Cat.  

And who didn’t spend hours in the basement playing with their Battle Cat toy at home? Right guys??

I’m just hoping there is a live action Orko; He-Man’s “Snarf.”

Are you excited for the new Masters Of The Universe ?

Source: IO9

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