Guy Lights Firework In His Hand And It Blows Up In His Hand

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of the laws of physics proposed by Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest physicist in the history of humanity. But you don’t need to have read Principia in the original Latin to understand that if you throw an apple into the air it will come down to Earth, and you don’t even need to know how to read to understand that lighting a firework in your hands, inside a car, is a bad idea.

But you know what was also once considered a bad idea? Intentionally injecting yourself with a virus thinking it would give you immunity. Now we have vaccines. Great scientific minds are not easily deterred.

Unrelated: here’s a guy lighting a firework in his hands inside a car:

The video comes to us from Norfolk, Virginia, where the videographer and his friends “were having a good time and had a firework blow up way too fast in the truck.” Hey, unless you’re dealing with a Mission Impossible opening credits-length fuse, just assume any firework you light inside a car is going to blow up before you can park, get out, and throw it into an outhouse. (That’s Newton’s Fifth Law.)