Miraculous Moment Firefighter Saves Little Girl Who Fell Out Of A Speeding Bus

A little girl is lucky to be alive after she opened the back door of a speeding bus fell out onto the highway. Fortunately for her, a volunteer firefighter and licensed EMT was trailing just behind, his dashcam recording as he quickly went into to save the child.

The shocking incident took place in Harrison, Arkansas. Footage obtained from Ryan Ciampoli’s dashcam captured the moment when a routine drive turned into a life-or-death moment when he suddenly spotted the four-year-old clinging to the open back door of the van in front of him.

She falls onto the road and the bus keeps driving, oblivious to the potential tragedy. Ciampoli can be seen rushing into help, carefully picking up the little girl with the intention of taking her out of harm’s way.

According to the Good Samaritan, the girl was unconscious for several minutes before the adrenaline kicked in, causing her to thrash around and scream for her mother. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and transported her to the hospital, where she is being treated for a broken jaw but is otherwise expected to be okay.

The girl’s mother does not plan to take action against the inattentive bus driver, claiming that she wants to focus on her daughter’s recovery.