Fire Truck Drives Into Fire Station Wall Causing It To Collapse

For today in whoops-a-daisy we go to Weirton, West Virginia. That is where fire fighters at the Weirton Fire Department’s Station 3 were looking all kinds of sheepish when they had to call the fire chief to report Sunday night that they had backed a fire truck into the middle wall of the building causing the front façade to collapse. Luckily the only thing that was hurt was their pride.

The station came tumbling down when a truck was being moved forward for a little maintenance. Someone left the top door open and when the truck moved, it hit the center support beam between the garage doors: bam. Well at least they know they have one tough as hell fire truck. The truck only suffered minor body damage and the other two trucks were not hit with debris from the building. Which is good since it would have been awkward for them to have to call another fire department in the event they hit a gas line and the place caught on fire.

All of the blame can’t be put on the driver of the truck through; officials say that previous damage to the building is in part the reason for the station’s collapse. Sounds like someone needs to remember to keep that dang door closed when they move the firetruck.

Fire Chief Jerry Shumate was home when he got the call that his guys destroyed the fire station. I super would not want to be the firefighter who had to make that call to the chief on Labor Day weekend. He told the local news,

“Just had to come up and see what the damage was. The first thing I asked was anyone hurt. Nobody hurt, and then we go from there.”

The good news is while they repair the station firefighting services have not been affected. So hopefully nobody will stop by to point and laugh.

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Source: WCHS 8