YouTube Stars Try To Trademark A Word And The World Reacts Accordingly

What The hell is going on with the Fine Brothers? This weekend YouTube exploded when the Fine Brothers introduced React World.

In which they have applied for a number of trademarks including one for the word “react”. 

Basically they want to be able to license out their React style videos and split revenue with other YouTubers.  And make lots of money for everyone in the process. Sounds good right?


Immediately Reddit lit up with users claiming they had had their own videos blocked by the Fine Bros.

Other videos simply mocked the brothers’ attempt to trademark YouTube video trends.

After 4 days the Fine Bro’s released an update video to defend themselves.

[[contentId: 3001789| ]]

And of course this video was almsot immediately turned against them through clever editing.

Other famous YouTubers like Philip Defranco (creator of Sourcefed) weighed in on the topic as well.

Of course backlash wasn’t limited to reaction videos.

People flocked to the Fine Bros channel and immediately began down voting their videos into oblivion.

Their subscriber base began leaving en masse as well

225,000 subscribers lost in the past 24 hours.  

Even legal blogs are weighing in on whether or not the Fine Brothers have a legal leg to stand on.

The answer seems to be no. 

In fact one Youtuber went as far as to accuse the Fine Brothers of setting up a framework for racketeering. You know, that thing old timey mobsters do.

How will this all play out? Will people be able to record kids watching old commercials and then upload those videos to youtube? Will the world ever be the same?