Finally, A Teacher In Trouble For Alleged Sex With Student Who Doesn’t Make My Eyes Bleed

It’s not like journalists enjoy writing about teacher student sex scandals. Whenever a crazy one pops up where the teacher got pregnant or tried to skip town it’s a little different, but for the most part, writing about poor underage kids who get stuck having sex with their shriveled-up 60-year-old math teacher is depressing. Kids having sex with supermodels? Fine. With the AARP cardholder of the month?

Not so much.

So thankfully, Molly Wray is here to liven things up a bit.

Molly was a teacher at Lafayette High School in Mississippi when allegations came to light that she had been sleeping with a student. The Oxford Eagle reports that police had been investigating her for over a month (starting June 4th), and began when the district superintendent sent them a complaint regarding “reports of improper conduct between a teacher and a student.”


Sadly, there aren’t many details about Molly’s alleged crime for us to report on – after showing up to her probable cause hearing, she “waived her right to the hearing and exited the room not long before proceedings started.” A probable cause hearing is when the court gets to hear testimony to determine whether it’s likely that the defendant committed the c rimes he or she is accused of, which means Molly is smart for walking out – since she waived her hearing and we didn’t get to hear testimony, we don’t know any further details about her supposed crimes.

Besides, nothing says “Don’t worry, I’m not guilty” more than sprinting out of court before some poor kid has to get on the stand and describe a “backwards cowgirl into a reverse Cleveland steamer” for the entire audience.

As for what’s next for Molly Wray, her case will be presented to the Lafayette County Grand Jury in August. If they find her guilty, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

[h/t The Oxford Eagle]