A Kid Went To School Dressed Up As ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ For Book Day (PHOTO)

It’s no surprise that women loved the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and to an equal extent, the movie adaptation that was released just a few weeks ago, but who knew the fandom extended to children as well. Yesterday was World Book Day and kids from a school in the UK were invited to dress up as their favorite literary characters. I’d imagine there were a few Tom Sawyers, Invisible Men or maybe a couple of Edgar Allan Poe’s. But teachers were shocked to see that an 11-year-old male student came to school dressed up as Dorian Gray from “Fifty Shades of Grey”. He even brought his own bondage tools.

Remove the cable ties and the blindfold, it’s just a kid in a suit so can you blame him for bringing the accessories to make his literary character clearer? I mean, you certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think he’s Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho”. Teachers kept the young man from taking part in the day’s Book Day festivities and his mom thought it was ridiculous.

She told the local press that her son hadn’t read the book or watched the R-rated movie, but had seen the ads and thought it’d be a funny joke to dress as the lead character for World Book Day, making the other kids laugh. Admittedly, some kids had attended school dressed up as James Bond and American Sniper Chris Kyle, carrying fake guns which teachers allowed. This only angered the mom of the Fifty Shades cosplayer even further.

“If they’re allowed to go to school carrying guns,” she told the news station, “then I consider that a lot more offensive than my son taking cable ties in with him.”

Good point. Although as a kid I loved playing G.I. Joe and re-inacting action scenes from my favorite movies. Re-inacting sex scenes however, even as a comedic gesture, seems a little bit iffy in my opinion. Especially if the kid hadn’t read the material and really just has no idea what he’s actually portraying, unless the mom explained it to him, which is even weirder. Hannibal Lecter might’ve been a better choice and he eats people.

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source: Yahoo