FBI’s Twisted Letter To Martin Luther King Finally Revealed

Much like John Lennon, Ernest Hemingway and every other public figure trying to make a positive change in this world back in the 60’s and 70’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became a target for the F.B.I’s scrutiny. If you said or did anything that was even remotely considered anti-American, you were in hot water with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And they didn’t pull any punches.

Just this week a letter had been revealed which was directed toward the Civil Rights leader, written by someone in the Bureau back in the 60’s. Its assumed that it stems from King’s remarks regarding bureau practices in the South and accusing J. Edgar Hoover (who had led the FBI for 48 years total) of “failing to enforce civil rights law and of indulging the racist practices of Southern policemen.”

What’s interesting is this letter takes aim at King’s sexual practices which could’ve been a bluff, but the FBI wanted him to know they had evidence of something. The letter essentially ends with an ultimatum for King to kill himself, without saying it in so many words, or they would be forced to reveal this “evil” information.

Of course King did not kill himself, nor did the FBI reveal any such information to the world. Which just goes to show you how low they’ll go, to an almost school yard level. Hoover had a campaign of sorts against King outside of this personal attack in more public forums, but nothing stooped quite as low as this letter.

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source: NY Times