Mom Wrongly Accused This Guy Of Taking Photos Of Her Kids, Accusation Goes Viral

A father of three was out enjoying a day of shopping for a birthday present when he decided to take a picture with a life-size cardboard cut out of Darth Vader celebrating May the 4th (as in “May The 4th Be With You”). Unfortunately his harmless selfie with Vader which was intended to be sent to his kids took a terrible turn after a mother assumed he was actually taking pictures of HER kids. Not letting the presumed “creep” get away with it, she then quietly followed the man out of the mall store and snapped a picture of his face. She then quickly posted the man’s image on her facebook page, alerting other families in the area that a pervert is going around taking pictures of children and to “be safe with your kids.” Wow.

Her post was then shared 100’s upon 100’s of times, with other parents wanting to alert more parents, and those parents alerting other parents until the image finally came back around with the man’s partner finally discovering the post on their own. Of course with complete strangers believing the mom’s status, people were able to track down the father on facebook, which lead to the father receiving death threats.

The photo the mom took accompanying her post.

The father, who is remaining anonymous as to not further any shame brought on by the assuming mother, went to the police after seeing his image being shared by hundreds of people through facebook. He showed his selfie photo with Darth Vader to the police, explaining he had his phone out to take a photo of himself and no one else as a joke to send to his kids. He did admit that other children were sitting by the display, and told them that his photo would take just a moment and that the selfie would be for his kids. After the police contacted the mother, explaining to her the situation that she clearly got wrong, the officers said she was deeply apologetic.

Unfortunately, the man she deemed a “creep” has yet to receive an apology from the mother that dragged his face through the mud because of a really dumb assumption. Officers involved in the case said that if you see anything suspicious, talk to local authorities instead of taking matters into your own hands through social media.  As for the mom, well, I’m sure she’s getting enough lovely messages thanks to the REAL story going viral.

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source: Mirror