Father Outraged By Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Action Figure In Toy Store

Parents of any generation love to complain about the stuff their kids consume. Way back when, comic books were accused of turning sweet, innocent children into harbingers of murder and destruction. Then, video games became the newest scapegoat for juvenile delinquency. Now, one intrepid parent is finally getting around to complaining about “Star Wars” toys. 

Thet only thing offensive are those creepy eyes on Leia.

Fred Hill, a father from Philadelphia, was doing some birthday gift shopping with his daughter at a Target store when he noticed a Princess Leia action figure. He told the local media that was shocked that a toy company like Hasbro would market the “Slave Leia” action figure to children four and up, even though she’s bound in shackles and wearing a scantily-clad outfit. Maybe that’s because he’s the first parents to complain about the toy in almost 30 years. 

Don’t tell this guy about Teletubbies.

Hill said his daughters had some awkward questions for their father when they saw the toy and rather than calmly explain the plot of the movie on which the toy is based so they could make up their own minds, he decided to pitch a fit big enough for every parent of the last 30 years.

He called it things like “inappropriate” and “crap.” Maybe some people agree with him, but no one is saying you have to buy that toy for your child if you don’t think they should have it. Plus, it’s a little late to be doing anything about it now. It’s been more than 30 years since “Return of the Jedi” was released in theaters. Does that mean we have to retroactively go back and re-dress Carrie Fisher in a Snuggie so we don’t offend any future generations? 

Source: My Fox Philly