Father Of Groom Gets Piss Drunk And Forces Bride To Make Out With Him At Wedding

Weddings are either the happiest or worst day of your life, so we’re lucky in this day and age that you can now have more than one without anyone batting an eye. Five weddings to five different men? Go for it. Three weddings to the same dude because you’re both loaded and have too much time on your hands? By all means. Nothing’s going to stop you as long as you’re surrounded by gold digging friends who hang around just for the free cake and liquor.

But the one thing you can’t do? Make out with the bride, especially if you’re the father of the groom.

Pretty sure there’s a law in Game of Thrones that makes it cool to bone your son’s new wife, but China doesn’t have that rule – instead they have laws making sure every goddamn tourist that visits the United States wears a visor and socks with flip-flops. Does anyone in China have sex? Because judging from the tourists they’re all a bunch of portly virgins who yak loudly in public spaces and tuck their shirts into their cargo pants.

But I can’t really blame this dad for trying. If porn has taught me anything, it’s that the normal thing to do on your wedding night is either bang the pizza delivery guy, the father of the groom or the freshly legal pool boy who kept hip thrusting at you from afar with a wink in his eye during the reception. For all he knew he was about to start a massive wedding orgy with this stunt, and when it comes to orgies I can’t stay mad – you always gotta try your best, even if you wind up getting fucked in the end (GET IT?).

[H/T Daily Mail]