You Won’t Believe What Revenge-Seeking Father Did To Teen Who Assaulted Daughter

The father of an infant daughter who was sexually assaulted by a teenager exacted revenge on the perpetrator in brutal fashion: by chopping off his hands. The dad was arrested shortly after successfully getting his revenge, while the teenager is not expected to regain the use of his limbs since, well, they were successfully chopped off.

The unnamed 17-year-old was caught in the act of assaulting the seven-month-old victim by the girl’s mother. He was released from prison on bail after serving only three months of jail time. The father and the teenager were both scheduled to appear at a court hearing, but after learning that the hearing had been rescheduled, the man offered the teenager a ride home on his motor bike.

Amazingly, the teen accepted the dad’s offer.

The father then coerced the teenager into drinking a substance that had been laced with a sedative drug. “He offered him a drink mixed with an intoxicant on the ride back. The victim was not in his senses when his hands were chopped off,” Superintendent of Police Bikramjeet Singh told The Indian Express

Police managed to arrive on the scene within 20 minutes and rushed the teenager to a local hospital, from which he was transferred to a regional facility where an unsuccessful reconstructive surgery was performed.

Authorities quickly located the man near the village of Jhumba, where the incident took place. “We arrested him from an area around Jhumba…We are yet to locate the weapon that was used in this crime,” Bikramjeet said. 

When the father learned that the teenager had survived the attack, police say that the man showed no remorse and was disappointed that the victim had not died. No word has surfaced as to the extent of the charges that the man will face.

While we don’t condone what the dad did … we can understand.