Hero Father Arrested For Holding Boys Overnight Who Broke Into Daughter’s Room

For Today In Revenge we go to West Valley, City Utah. That is where a man defended his home and daughter in the most intense way possible. One night last week a young man entered Mohamed Mohamed-Sidik’s home: that was his first mistake. His second mistake was that he went into the bedroom of Mohamed’s daughter and pulled a knife. The girl called for her father and this is where DAD RAGE took over and things went from there.

The face of a father thinking: “Ya’ll done F’d up, son.”

The father entered the bedroom and along with his son grabbed the male intruder and proceeded to teach him a lesson. At knifepoint he stripped the young man naked and tied him up. He then forced the guy to call to his friend who was waiting outside to come in the house. Once that guy was inside he was also tied up with rope alongside his buddy, but this one was allowed to keep his clothes on. Damn dude, why couldn’t you have just shot them like a normal person?

The father took everything out of their pockets which included their cell phones, cigarettes, gum and a knife. It is smart that he removed those items; otherwise they could have just McGyvered their way out of there.

He kept them tied up for eight hours until the morning. I’m guessing he wanted to keep them nice and terrified of what was going to happen. He untied them and gave them back their stuff, except for the knife. The smart kids apparently called the cops after breaking into a young girl’s bedroom. But with the criminal justice system what it is in this country they are not in trouble for threatening the girl, but the DAD is in trouble!

Mohamed was arrested and is facing charges of aggravated kidnapping, robbery and assault. While the dad got a little weird with the nudity, at the same time these guys were clearly about to rape his daughter. They got what they deserved right?

So he got a bit carried away… However should he be punished for punishing these miscreants who entered his home uninvited and intended to do god knows what to his daughter? I mean, what would YOU have done?

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