Father And Son Team Build Life Sized Transformers And Make $160K A Year Doing So

A farmer and his son in southern China have found a unique way to make money; the pair take heaps of old car parts and scrap metal and build life sized replicas of Transformers from the hit movies.  Either that or the Chinese have acquired alien robot technology and this is all just a cover story. Either way these pics are pretty cool.

The farmer and part time artist Yu Zhilin and son Lu Yingyun spent three years constructing a giant replica of Optimus Prime. After that their Transformers really took off and now they make around $160,000 creating the robots full time in their home workshop. Transformers are very popular in China and they sell them to shopping centers and events who are looking to have a giant metal robot looking over their guests.

Which one of these is your favorite?

I still don’t understand how they fold down into a normal sized car or truck when they are clearly bigger. Alien-Robot Magic?

Is this another one of the annoying racist characters?

Sometimes you need to work hard… to get a head.

Steampunk Transformers: More Than Meets The Hipster

Hey Look, It’s A Visual Metaphor For The Last Transformer Movie!
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Optimus Prime Getting His Eyes Installed

Sometimes Even Transformers Need to Blow Off A Little Steam…

Let’s Hope He Does A Better Job Than Mark Walhberg

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