“Fat-Positive Advocates” Ban Everyone From Knowing Their Weight At School

Some people think that “Ctrl-Left” is an unfair term. That the idea that a significant and influential part of the left-wing want to run every detail of everyone’s lives, and censor or ban anything they personally don’t like is just a false impression.


Then we see a case like this one, at Carleton University in Ottawa (Canada), where the Department of Athletics has removed every last scale from its gym facilities.  This was supposedly on account of the claim that (and I quote) “Scales are triggering”.

So because some students, who may or may not regularly even use the gym, claim that it upsets them to even see other people weighing themselves, everyone else should be forbidden from weighing themselves?!

It’s like one of those dystopian stories they used to write about ‘equality gone wrong’ had come to life.

But this is not just an isolated incident.  The “Fat Acceptance Movement” has found a jolly home in the ‘social justice’ left, where things like standards of physical beauty, or physical fitness, or even physical health, are considered ‘oppression’. To the point that since they feel ‘victimized’ by what OTHER people do with their own bodies, they feel they should have the right to control that too.

Yes, it’s about ‘fat pride’.

Now here’s the thing: fat people do have a right to be as fat as they want! And if they feel  happy about their bodies the way they are, great.

They just don’t have a right to make choices for other people.

No one can pretend that fat people don’t get mocked, sometimes cruelly. It is mean, and probably dumb, to mock fat people. It’s especially dumb to do anything to make someone who has weight issues IN A GYM, where they’re obviously trying to work on themselves and improve their health and lifestyle! 

So I’m not saying we should hate fat people, or encourage anyone to be mean to them.

People do have a right to be dumb, though, and even have a right to say hurtful things.  There is no right to not be offended, and as long no one is calling for you to be physically harmed, you have no right to force them to not be able to say something that you feel hurts you.

Of course, that particular right can be curtailed in some private spaces.  But since this isn’t really about making fat people feel safe for the Ctrl-Left, no amount of ‘forced niceness’ will be enough.  You see, this isn’t really just about fat people at all.

This issue’s a cause of the Ctrl-Left because of their hatred of all traditional ideals.  It’s based on the deconstructionist cultural-marxist philosophy that thinks that anything and everything that Western Civilization ever considered good should be torn down, because it’s tainted by the ‘evils’ of Imperialism and Patriarchy, and must be infiltrated and destroyed before we can create some kind of new utopia out of good feelings and unicorn poop (or, more realistically, a Totalitarian Nanny State where Social Workers and Gender Studies experts will get to run every single detail of your lives forever).

So it’s not enough for people to accept fat-persons at the gym, it’s not even enough for them to accept fat persons in the gym without making fun of them. It has to be about TAKING AWAY the very things the other people do, as a punishment to them for being non-fat. The ‘way’ they go to the gym is ‘privileged’ so that has to be taken away from them and replaced with the way a group of Womens’ Studies Majors who never actually go to the gym feel everyone should have to do fitness. Whether anyone else wants that or not.

This is always their concept of ‘justice’, that you can’t just tolerate, you have to first be forced to agree, and then, having agreed and therefore admitted your ‘guilt’ for your past ‘injustice’ you must be PUNISHED by taking the things you do away from you since you agreed they were tools of oppression. And if you don’t agree, you are a racist, sexist, homophobic or in this case ‘fat-shaming’ monster and it’s justifiable to silence you.

Obviously, no one should ever force fat people (or anyone!) to weigh themselves if they don’t want to.  But a tiny group of activists with a bigger political agenda shouldn’t get to dictate to EVERYONE that they can’t choose for themselves to check their weight.

Never mind that most of the people at the gym will probably want to.

Never mind that there are some people in certain sports or athletic regimes who literally need to keep careful track of their weight. 

Never mind even that there’s probably a ton of people working hard to get healthy or to lose weight that really DO want to be able to keep track of their weight!

The simple issue is this: who the crap do these Ctrl-Left totalitarians think they are, that they get to tell me whether I get to weigh myself or not? That they get to choose for ALL of us; to impose what they want, rather than letting people choose how they manage their own bodies?

This is why they must be fought.