5 Fast Food Mascots Who Also Needed A Bizarre Makeover

It’s no surprise that other fast food chains like Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr. and Burger King have decided to update their mascots alongside the big news that Ronald McDonald finally changed his “look”.  I have to say, some of the below updated changes are a little racy and just downright vulgar if you ask me, but I guess that’s the business of fast food.  They gotta stay ahead.


[[contentId: 2602329| | style: height:616px; width:520px]]

I suppose if you had to fill the shoes of the Burger King mascot, you might as well use someone who too has that plastic look, and Bruce Jenner seems to be the only plausible option.  We think he’ll be just great in this role.


[[contentId: 2602330| | style: height:834px; width:425px]]

I suppose if you have to compete with McDonald’s, you gotta go all out and show some skin.  Some greasy, greasy skin. 


[[contentId: 2602331| | style: height:638px; width:520px]]

That’s more like it.  The only peculiar thing is why did they add a buttcrack to the star? 


[[contentId: 2602332| | style: height:807px; width:520px]]

I can understand needing to compete with McDonald’s, but saying that a cartoon character is now legal seems a little off to me.  But then again, I can’t fault them for trying something new.


[[contentId: 2602333| | style: height:692px; width:520px]]

Apologies for having to censor this one, but if you can’t tell, Taco Bell added testicles to their logo.  Also, they go as far as actually letting us know that they “added balls” as their new phrase.

What do you guys think, do you enjoy these new fast food logo’s?  We have to admit, upon a second viewing, they are pretty clever.