Farting Feats & Other Disgusting World Records

A Filipino man is now the world record holder in a very competitive category: Most candles blown out via farting. Yep. Ronald Cabañas, 28, was able to blow out five candles in under 30 seconds by blowing butt wind on them.

He actually set this record in 2014, but it was only recently officially recognized by RecordSetter.comCabañas cannot read or write and works as a farmer by day, and a farter by night. His manager even reported that he can blow out all the candles on his birthday cake using only his farts.That sounds delicious. On that note, this feels like a great time to look at some other disgusting world records. Because we all like disgusting stuff…

Squirting Milk from Eyes

Mehmet Yilmaz, from Turkey, squirted milk from his eye just over 9 feet, setting a Guinness World Record.

Biggest Poop

minecraft poop

An American man – shocker! – is on record as having the biggest poop. It took two hours and twelve minutes to ‘get out’ and registered at 12 feet and 2 inches. Not sure if that was height or length…

The unnamed man (by request) has now been banned from 134 public restrooms in his state.

Loudest Burp by a Chick

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Of course an American lady woman set this one. She did so on the set of a show in Spain. Jodie Parks’ belch registered a whopping 104.75 decibels.

Most Cockroaches Eaten

Ken Edwards, a retired Englishman, ate 36 cockroaches in under a minute to set the record.

Side note: Ken also once shoved 47 rats inside his pants, which made him an overnight celeb in his country.

I kinda’ want to party with this guy…

Most Quarters Fit Inside a Belly Button

Randon Beasley of Arkansas put 30 U.S. quarters inside his belly button and posted it on RecordSetter. One has to wonder how he came up with the knowledge that he could do this…

Most Feet Sniffed

a woman smells 5,600 feet in 15 years to set world record

Image Source: omgfunnypictures.com

Guinness lists this disgusting feat about smelling feet. Cincinnati resident, Madeline Albrecht, worked in a testing lab for Dr. Scholl’s for 15 years. During her career, she took in big whiffs of an estimated 5,600 feet — and also a ton of armpits.

Most Maggots Moved by the Mouth

Seriously, why should this be a record and not evidence in court for committal? The 35-year-old man is from London and is a former steel worker. His name is Charlie Bell and he carried two square feet of live maggots from one container to another in one hour.

Even he admitted later: “It was disgusting.”

Most Pubic Hair

Pubic hair on a manequin

Image Source: Pinterest

Maoni Vi of Cape Town has not trimmed — or shaved — her pubes since she’s had any hair there to speak of.

As of 2013, it was reported that hair covered around 32 inches of her armpits, and 28 inches of her pelvic region.