‘Teen Mom’ Porn Star’s Botched Lip Surgery Will Give You Nightmares

You may know Farrah Abraham as “that girl from Teen Mom” or more likely as “that girl from Teen Mom who did porn.” Regardless, she used to look like this:

After having boob implants, a chin implant and many other surgeries, she can now add looking like a Matt Groening creation to her list of career “accomplishments,” because she now looks like this:

[[contentId: 2804109| | style: height:679px; width:509px]]

Even though it’s mildly frightening to most of us (some of you probably like it), she herself seems to be accepting of the new look by tweeting a picture of the post-surgery with a picture of Leela from Futurama. And I honestly can’t think of a better comparision.

[[contentId: 2804110| | style: height:717px; width:510px]]

Maybe check the hospital’s Yelp reviews before going under the knife next time?

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source: Candiest