Farrah Abraham: Backdoor and more


farrah abraham bikini

Who would have ever thought another Farrah could possibly eclipse the original Farrah; Farrah Fawcett-Majors that is.  The closest thing Farrah Abraham the reality TV star has in common with Charlie’s Angels is a certain hotness factor and willingness to showcase her breasts.  Unlike Fawcett-Majors, this Farrah didn’t become famous as an actress; her fame is due to her messed up real life. No acting needed.  Not exactly the role model most parents want for their daughters, Farrah Abraham gained fame by getting knocked up as a teenager and allowing MTV to exploit that experience on a reality show starring Farrah and other Juno types.  Farrah herself further fans the flames of fame by doing what is today almost a necessary resume feature for fledgling actresses.  She made a sex tape that was supposedly leaked to the public and everybody bought that idea for about a minute before it was revealed that Farrah intentionally made the sex tape and hired a porn star to be her partner.  The definition of an attention whore, Farrah did everything she can to exploit her notoriety and not only released an album that proved she can’t sing but also wrote an autobiography.  Both the album and book had the same name, My Teenage Dream Ended presumably because Farrah is every parent’s ultimate teenage nightmare. 



Farrah Abraham was born to Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham on May 31, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska and was raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Farrah claimed that she was abused by her parents when she was a child and that she “had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars.” Her parents divorced in 2010.   Farrah was a cheerleader at her high school but when she was 16 years old, she became pregnant by her boyfriend at the time, Derek Underwood. Farrah’s mother would not allow her to get an abortion since it was against her personal beliefs. Farrah left high school and attended classes at a community college after her pregnancy became known. Farrah was eight months pregnant when Underwood was killed in a car accident on December 28, 2008.  Although they were not seeing each other, Farrah said Underwood, “was my first love, my only true love” and added that “now Derek was gone forever and so was my happy ending.”  Farrah’s daughter, Sophia Laurent Abraham was born on February 12, 2009.

Farrah and her baby’s daddy, Derek Underwood

Farrah and Derek Underwood

The road to fame for Farrah started when she was cast on MTV’s reality series, 16 and Pregnant.  Produced in a documentary style format, the show was about teenage mothers and how they dealt with the hardships of teen pregnancy.  The show documented Farrah’s pregnancy and her first months of motherhood and she made her debut on the second episode of the first season on June 18, 2009.  16 and Pregnant spawned a spin-off series: Teen Mom 1, 2 and 3 with each series following the lives of the girls from 16 and Pregnant as they deal with the struggles of balancing motherhood while still being a teen.  Farrah appeared in each Teen Mom spin-off but starred in Teen Mom 1 which premiered on December 8, 2009 and the show featured her as an aspiring model who was dealing with a host of family issues.  In January 2009, Farrah’s mother Debra Danielson was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly hitting Farrah who sustained “multiple cuts to the right side of [her] mouth.”   After the fight, Farrah moved out of her mother’s house with her daughter and started therapy to deal with her family issues and the effects of Underwood’s death.  Farrah said she realized the physical fight with her mom as a “turning point” she knew she needed to stop the abuse.  She also had to prove to Underwood’s family through a paternity test that he indeed was Sophia’s father.  Underwood’s mother then sued Farrah for grandparents’ visitation rights, even though she had no previous contact with Sophia.  Talk about drama.  

Farrah and her daughter, Sophia:

Farrah and sophia

Although still young, Farrah has undergone several plastic surgeries including a breast augmentation in 2010 and a chin implant and nose augmentation in October 2012.  She later had her chin implant removed but had another breast surgery to increase her breast size from a C to a D cup.  Farrah began attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida in 2011 to earn a degree in culinary arts and management.  When asked she decided to go into culinary field, she said, “I decided before I had my daughter. I was already in school with some credits in the culinary field so I decided to stick with that through pregnancy.  And it ended up becoming my passion.”  In 2012, Farrah launched her  “Mom & Me” pasta sauce line and a hot pepper sauce.  She cites Giada De Laurentiis as an inspiration, “I love watching Giada at Home. She’s so cool to me. I’m Italian, and she’s got so much Italian flavor.”  Farrah aspires to follow in Giada’s footsteps in terms of creating a culinary empire and calls herself  “a “momtrepreneur” and said, “I definitely have plans of doing some branding and working on my own things.”  However, Farrah eventually left the school for “work reasons.”

farrah flashes her boobs

Perhaps those work reasons was due to a studio album called, My Teenage Dream Ended which she released on August 1, 2012.  It was panned by critics who criticized the production and the constant use of Auto-Tune, a device that corrects off-key singing.  August 2012 was a busy month for Farrah since not only did she launch an album, she also released a memoir also named My Teenage Dream Ended on August 14 and actually made the The New York Times Best Seller list.  Clearly, Farrah wanted to make sure she stayed in the public’s eye since Teen Mom ended its four year run on August 29, 2012.  Farrah was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in March 2013 and she pled guilty in June.  She was sentenced to six months of probation, six months of sobriety tests and a $500 fine.  She defended her actions on TMZ and Dr. Phil but didn’t do a very good job at presenting her case.  Proving she’ll appearing anywhere, in 2013, Farrah was on the VH1 reality show, Couples Therapy where celebrity couples receive relationship counseling.  However, Farrah wasn’t even in a couple so she appeared on the show alone to discuss her relationship problems with her mother. According to Google’s metrics, Farrah named the most Googled reality TV star of 2013.


farrah abraham in bed

Farrah added porn star to her resume in May 2013 when Vivid Entertainment released a sex tape titled, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom featuring Farrah having sex with porn star James Deen which was later revealed to have been intentionally made by Farrah.  Farrah justified her decision to make the sex tape as “[celebrating] your awesome body [and getting] your own sexy shots.”  Farrah defended her decision to make the sex tape in a video she posted on Keek.  She asks, “So on the real, what would you do?  You have been a single mom for four years, off and on, dating loser-ass boys who always try and sell information, lie to you, manipulate you. You have just realized you are an awesome person and you deserve someone.”  See Farrah’s entire explanation here. At the end of the video, Farrah puts on a Vivid Entertainment pink cap and says, “But you have companies that are interested, so why not sell it? And that’s what I did.” After seeing the video, Steven Hirsch, President of Vivid Entertainment told E!, “Not only is it great quality but amazing to watch. Farrah looks incredible.” 

Farrah’s hired gun, James Deen:

James Deen

The tape was intended to be marketed as a “leaked” celebrity sex tape but Deen let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that he had been hired to do the tape with Farrah.  Annoyed at Deen’s honesty, Farrah insulted the size of his manhood and told TMZ that she doesn’t have anything good to say about him and commented that he, “Should get out of the porn industry. If my ex-boyfriend Derek were alive, I would’ve rather it had been him with me.”  Farrah reportedly sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million but a  Fox411 investigation into the business of “celebrity sex tapes” revealed the actually price Farrah actually got paid was in the low five figures.  Kevin Blatt, a celebrity sex tape broker said Farrah probably got $10,000 from Vivid which is what they paid actress Tami Erin (Pippi Longstockings) for her sex tape. Blatt told Fox411,”It is what they offer every celebrity, not a million dollars.”  In the early days of celebrity sex tapes, people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian did get paid in the millions but now sex tapes have become so run of the mill, Vivid no longer pays the big money. Farrah is technically entitled to back end money and should get 30 percent of sales from the tape but Vivid actress Jasmine Waltz, star of Real Jasmine, told Fox “Vivid told me they would give $125,000 and 25 percent of the back end, all the sales that are made.  Basically, you’ll never see the back end after advertisement. You won’t get the money. It’s a very untrustworthy business.”

Clips from the sex tape:

Farrah eyes closed

Farrah from sex tape

When Fox411 asked Farrah if she will show the sex video to her daughter one day, Farrah responded, “I plan on approaching it when we’re regularly talking about contraception, boyfriends.  I was sexually experimenting and if you do it, it should be with a quality person.  The more mistakes I may make the better for my daughter.  It helps us become successful in the end.  It helps me be stronger.”  The queen of questionable choices later claimed that while appearing at pornographic conventions and strip clubs to promote her sex video, that she was “drugged and raped more than once” and describes this period in her life as a “dark time.”  Farrah told In Touch magazine that working  the adult film industry “made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money.” Farrah added, “If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life.” Ever entrepreneurial, in September 2013, the sexually adventurous teen mom created customized moulds of her lady parts and breasts to be sold as novelty items for sex toy company, Topco Sales. Scott Tucker, Topco’s CEO said, “We’re thrilled to have been selected to partner with such a media-savvy celebrity.”  

In February 2014, Vivid Entertainment released a trailer for the sequel to Farrah’s sex tape called, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More before debuting the sale of the video on its site in the spring. In the new video, Farrah starts off by telling the camera,  This one’s for you.” In the new video, Farrah and co-star James Deen are riding each other as she swings on a sex swing and her partner definitely makes use of her   “backdoor.”  At first Farrah protested the second video’s release, saying that Vivid didn’t have the right to release the additional footage.  However, TMZ site posted an email from Farrah to Vivid that states she  gives them the right “to release video or videos(s).”  Farrah’s lawyers told TMZ that Farrah doesn’t want to be seen as a porn star, she wants to show the public that she’s “a mother, a public figure, and an author.”  Well, all America can say to that is, too late, lady.