This Weirdo Farmer Likes To Feed His Cows Using More Personal Methods

This farmer in Gloucestershire, England likes to do things a little bit differently when it comes to feeding his cattle. Sure, farmers often just feed their animals by simply leaving food in a troph or bucket or let them roam the fields looking for their own food to munch on, but not this guy! No sir. He prefers to feed his cows not unlike a mama bird; with his damn mouth.

I know things can probably be a little lonely in the countryside, but c’mon man, get some internet in that house.

Andrew Cartwright is indeed a single man, living the life on his farm with around 120 cows in his herd when he thought he’d try to teach some his cows a new trick. Of course they would normally take crackers from his hand, but hey, why not see if they’d take them from his lips! I mean, what the hell else is there to do, right? So take them from his lips they certainly did.

Andrew recounts the time he realized he had a real knack for feeding farm animals with his mouth.

“I used to give her biscuits out of my hand, then I thought I wonder if she will take the biscuit from my lips as a bit of a trick – and now there are about a dozen who take them, either from my hand or mouth.”

I’m sure the cows really love it. Or they’re just happy to get any sort of food, and if that means taking it from some dude’s mouth, do they have a choice?