15 Hilarious 'Fapworthy' Headlines That Perfectly Mock 'Upworthy'

It seems like the entire Internet has finally turned on Upworthy and its manipulative headlines. Yes, Break isn't above using a manipulative headline now and again (and again and again), but we're pitching you groin kicks and fart jokes, not "things that matter."

There are already lots of Upworthy parodies out there, including The Onion's spin-off site Click Hole (which also takes a lot of shots at Buzzfeed). But we have a new favorite: Fapworthy.

Fapworthy combines the adult videos of Pornhub with the ridiculous headlines of Upworthy, and the results are f*cking hysterical. Take a look for yourself, and click here (NSFW) to see more. (H/T DeathAndTaxesMag).