Fappening 2.0 Rihanna, Kim Kardashian Nude Picture Leak

Sequels usually aren’t as good as the original. However if you are a fan of seeing celebrities naked, today is a good day. A few weeks ago hackers released a multitude of nude photos of stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. Now they have released a second wave of hacked nude photos to 4Chan from the personal iCloud accounts of such big stars as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. Great, now Kanye is mad no one wants to see his nude photos.

Wait, is this from a photo shoot or the leaked naughty photos? Who can tell?!

Kardashian? Maybe I was right about sequels. Is it really that exciting to see Kim Kardashian naked? She is probably the only one out of all these people who is like (monotone voice) “Oh no… my nude photos were leaked. My privacy has been invaded.” – *Selfie snap,  *Poses in shock for reality cameras following her every move. *

In addition to Rihanna and the Kardashian, other celebrities whose personal photos were leaked; some with nudes, others fully clothed include: Johnny Depp’s fiancé Amber Heard, Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, Hayden Panettiere, LeeLee Sobieski, Aubrey Plaza and Meagan Good. Good posted to Instagram in response to the her leaked photos and was none too happy with the situation:


How do you feel about her response? Some of the photos that were posted to Reddit were quickly deleted. We conducted a Break Readers Poll during part one of The Fappening asking if it was wrong to look the leaked celeb photos. Seemed like commenters were pretty beat over the whole thing.

Amber Heard sent Johnny Depp boob pics addressing him as “Tonto.”

To top it off Twitter user @IgnacioGordo tweeted out the link EmmaYouAreNext.com featuring a creepy countdown clock out of a B horror movie, threatening to release nude photos of the starlet. Seriously, is he going to release nude photos or keep her in a box?  So stay tuned, The Fappening Part 3 could be happening in four days!

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