Fans Already Spotted One Important Easter Egg In The ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

Marvel knows how to titillate their fans, and fans know that Marvel antes up the goods in one way or another aside from just the teaser. They did practically re-invent the post-credits sequence afterall.

With the buzz that came this morning regarding the just released Fantastic Four trailer, some were not only quick to celebrate its existence but also know to be on the lookout for any possible Easter Eggs they could get their hands on.

Kudos to the person that spotted this one with their bionic bi-focals because this is one of the harder things to spot, let alone read.

You can start looking for it during the scene where Kate Mara is listening to itunes (presumably). The camera cuts to her computer screen and there it is.

Can you spot it?

Yeah I wouldn’t notice it either, but if you look closely, it’s the red numbers in the bottom left side of the screen. 

According to internet, the numbers are an IP address that read 

If you type that code into your browser, it takes you to the Marvel Wiki page. Specifically a history lesson on the Kingdom of Latveria. And if you’re not aware of who is the “reigning monarch” of Latvia, it’s Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis. 

Its current reigning monarch, Victor von Doom, has kept the nation protected from international affairs and economic downturns. Doom’s personal patents in the field of high technology and specially robotics are the main export of the country

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source: Business Insider