Fans Pay Tribute To Robin Williams At The ‘Good Will Hunting’ Bench In Boston

This may have single-handedly been the scene which won Robin Williams his only Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor from the film Good Will Hunting. When characters Will Hunting and Sean Maguire take a seat at the Boston Public Gardens where Williams gives Damon’s character many brilliant words of advice, the scene reminded people how great Williams really was as a performer. So what better place for fans to pay tribute than turning that same Boston Gardens bench into a memorial for the late actor.

Boston resident Nick Rabchenuk was the first to pay tribute to Williams at the bench. “When we got there, there were two guys sitting on the bench. As we were talking, another couple came by and we all started chatting. I got out my chalk, my girlfriend wrote the ‘BANGARANG’ and the Ferngully line” Nick told Buzzfeed.

A few words left by Nick and his girlfriend lead what others believed to be a fitting place to pay tribute to the performer. I’d have to agree.

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Nick’s photo, via Buzzfeed

This morning, as people walk by the bench on their way to work, a bench that looks like any other in the park, has now turned into a larger memorial where people are leaving their thoughts, more favorite lines and flowers. Not to mention bottles of beer.

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“I just hope people will leave thoughts about not only Robin Williams as an actor, and their favorite memories of him and his characters, but also thoughts about that particular scene, and how it speaks to people,” Rabchenuk said.

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via Julia Loncich

A pretty cool spot to pay tribute to the guy. Well done, Boston.

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source: Buzzfeed