Fan Gets Backstage After Adding His Name To Band’s Wikipedia Page

Every super fan has tried to worm their way backstage to meet their favorite singer or band. Some go too far and break the law or themselves in the process depending on how many assault felonies the bouncer has and are willing to commit before it officially becomes manslaughter. A music fan in Australia came up with an ingenious way to get backstage by using the band’s Wikipedia page.

David Spargo is a huge fan of the electronica music duo known as Peking Duk and when they made a stop in Melbourne on their latest tour, Spargo just had to meet them in person.

So rather than buying a backstage pass or agree to sleep with or score cocaine for the band, he simply wrote his name into their Wikipedia page and used it to convince security that he was a member of the band’s entourage. It’s official. Wikipedia magically makes things reality now. Please, don’t tell any of the presidential candidates.

Spargo simply wrote the phrase “Family David Spargo” at the end of the group’s introduction and told the bouncer he was family. So when the bouncer checked the Wikipedia page, he waved David right on through the security checkpoint. Spurge even edited the page from his phone right before he walked up to the bouncer.

The band took the classy road once they learned how he made it past security and had some beers with him and called him “an absolute legend.” He’s lucky. Any other band would have had security taser him until you could fry an egg on his chest.