Red Skull Fan Gets Nose Cut Off To Look Like The Comic Book Villain (PHOTOS)

Fandom is a strange beast. It makes us unable to speak where we’re in the presence of what we perceive to be greatness. It can force us to do things to ourselves that we never thought we would do like jump a barrier at a Red Carpet premiere just to get close to them, ask them if you can have a lock of their hair or camp outside their home to see the look on their face when they discovered the dead squirrel we left on their doorsteps. 


Um, Red Skull does not have a beard…

One extreme Marvel comic book fan is such a huge fan of Captain America’s foe Red Skull that he let someone take a hot knife to his face so he could look just like him. 


With a friend, before he started his Red Skull transformation.

Henry Damon of Caracas, Venezuela has been altering and tattooing the appearance of his face to look like the villainous Red Skull and he’s finally perfected his look after years of procedures and tattooings. He also changed his name to Red Skull because if you’re going to go crazy, you might as well go all the way. 


Got your nose!

Damon, er, Red Skull had ridges implanted in his forehead, tattoos painted over his eyeballs and face and (here’s the kicker) part of his nose removed in order to complete his ghoulish look.


You can see Mr. Skull’s full face at the tail end of this video taken at a tattooing and piercing convention.


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Skull works full time in the tattooing and body modification industry and he even dropped out of medical school to dedicate all of his time and energy into his hobby. Clearly, he wasn’t studying to be a clinical psychologist. 

On the operating table before getting his nose removed.

Source: Robot 6