Family Props Up Murder Victim’s Dead Body To Play Dominoes One Last Time

A family in Puerto Rico was not going to say goodbye to a family member before allowing him to play dominos and have a drink one more time. This guy must have really, really enjoyed dominos; so much so that his family had him play them after he died.

Sadly, Jomar Aguayo was shot dead in a drug deal gone bad last Sunday, only a few days before his 23rd birthday. Several other people were wounded in the gun battle, but you could say that Jomar was the one who really went out… with a bang.

It seems that nothing was going to stop him from having a sweet birthday party; even death. Rather than have a traditional wake, his mother who owns the bar where he was shot, decided to have him propped in his favorite corner, wearing a blue tracksuit and matching hat. Not sure what the health department will say about keeping a corpse at the bar, but hopefully they aren’t having a heat wave in Puerto Rico right now.  

Friends and other family members took turns sitting with him at the table as fun dance music played from the bar’s jukebox. No word on if they pulled a Weekend At Bernie’s and had Jomar do a dance.  

He even has the blue track suit!

I guess we all grieve in different ways. Playing dominos may seem like an odd choice to you, but if this is what he loved, then maybe it gives comfort to those who loved him. I’m guessing for many of us, if we dropped dead today, our families could prop us up in the corner, our cold, lifeless hands gripping our smart phones  as if we are sending out one more Tweet from The Beyond.

This odd way to pay tribute to the dead is actually becoming popular. Earlier this year a man who loved to dress up as The Green Lantern died and his family decided to keep him in the costume and prop up his embalmed body for his wake. Corpse Cosplay might be big by next year’s Comic-Con. Fingers crossed.

When you die, how would you want your family members to prop up and pose your corpse? What would you be doing?

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Source: Mirror UK