Family Breaks Open Daughter’s Coffin After Hearing Her Scream Inside

Being buried alive doesn’t seem like it would be a good thing. I’ve never experienced it nor do I ever want to. Allegedly, 16-year-old Neysi Perez in Honduras experienced it. Her family didn’t realize that she wasn’t dead until they claimed to hear her screaming in the coffin after it was buried.

Perez was a newlywed and pregnant when she “died.” She collapsed and started foaming at the mouth. Her mom thought she was possessed so they brought in someone to do an exorcism. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. She wasn’t possessed. The doctors declared her dead and she was buried in her wedding dress.

A couple of days later, her family said they heard muffled cries and banging from her tomb. Her husband says she was “screaming for help.” The family broke into the tomb, but she was motionless and cold. The Spanish language news station, Primer Impacto released video of them unburying the body. (Be prepared to put your high school Spanish speaking skills to the test.)

They said that her fingertips were bruised indicating that she was trying to claw her way out, but after taking her exhumed body to the hospital, she was declared dead.

Someone needs to make a horror movie based on this. I’m looking at you Eli Roth.

Source: HuffPo