11 Brutal Falling Videos To Celebrate The First Day Of Fall

Today is the first day of fall! But instead of talking about our favorite pies or maybe some super neat wind-breakers you could buy, we’re celebrating fall with some of our favorite falling videos money can buy. Even though they’re free, so keep your damn money!

11. Backboard Gets Revenge!

[[contentId: 2827473| | size: 100]]

10. Watch Your Step Or You’ll Get Sewage For Dinner

[[contentId: 1233688| | size: 100]]

9. Disney Mascots Really Earning Their Paychecks

[[contentId: 2741317| | size: 100]]

8. The Worst Stuntman Ever

[[contentId: 342544| | size: 100]]

7. The 70’s Were A Rough Time For Bungee Jumping

[[contentId: 722730| | size: 100]]

6. And Then Sometimes Your Friends Are Just Assholes Before You Bungee Jump

[[contentId: 2852125| | size: 100]]

5. Crappy Bike Ramps Make Your Crappy Bike Videos Way Better

[[contentId: 2306554| | size: 100]]

4. Some People Have To Learn About Physics The Hard Way

[[contentId: 690414| | size: 100]]

3. You Had That Much Open Space But Smashed Into A Tractor

[[contentId: 2086217| | size: 100]]

2. Jimmy Buffett Has A Thrilling Disappearing Act To Finish Off His Show

[[contentId: 1992201| | size: 100]]

1. Sometimes Classic Fall Videos Are Always The Best Fall Videos

[[contentId: 174613| | size: 100]]

Enjoy your Autumn season, everyone. And wear a helmet.