Drunk Guy Poses As TSA Agent, Gropes Female Passenger

wookiejohnson by wookiejohnson on Jul. 17, 2014

I’ve always imagined that being a TSA agent is probably one of the worst jobs. Now, I’m reconsidering.

It does seem to have its perks. You get to interact with people. You get to make people throw away their water. And you can grope people while intoxicated without really raising any immediate eyebrows.

Recently at San Francisco International Airport, a ticketed passenger who had been drinking for hours came up with a simple plan. He would pose as a TSA agent in order to fondle unsuspecting women.

The man, who was dressed in khaki pants and a blue polo, allegedly stole a pair of blue plastic gloves before leading a woman into a private screening booth. It’s not clear what went on between the two in the booth, because the woman disappeared to catch her flight. But at least they’ll always have San Francisco.

Always double check to make sure you're being fondled by a trained professional.

The actual TSA agents caught on when the man was later seen ushering a second woman into his party booth. It was pretty obvious, since male agents are only allowed to screen women if another female agent is present. Apparently, the female agents didn’t take the bait when he asked, “You chicks wanna party?”

The alleged pervert was detained until the police arrived. He could face public drunkenness charges or worse. It’s a good thing that we’ve got this animal off the street. It was only a matter of time before this master of disguise posed as a handsy Best Buy employee. (Source)

monkeyboy-177 User

whats more he's entitled to the same union donut coffee break as the real ones

wytt User

This guy read one too many Tucker Max books which coincidentally also happens to be one.

Obiwayne66 User

Maybe his having you undress in front of everybody might be a little bit of a give away?

bananaexperience User

" Always double check to make sure you're being fondled by a trained professional."

justhefacts User

Even the fake TSA agents are arsholes. 

Grease-Monkey User

@Notyourmommaslova @bananaexperience I went through security in Houston and they found a bottle of water that I accidentally left in my carry on. The agent was definitely friendly and professional about it. He kept apologizing when he had to dig through my bag to remove the bottle. I was in the wrong and he was just doing his job.

mustangman6799 User

Hey, the Nazi's who killed millions of Jews were just doing their jobs too.  You're in the wrong for taking a bottle of water on an airplane?  How is that wrong?  Just because they made a rule about it, doesn't make it wrong.  It means you broke a bullshit rule that shouldn't even exist in the first place.  It's a very sad state of affairs when people develop the mentality that they were in the wrong because a bottle of water nearly made it onto a flight, but luckily didn't because a search that violates your constitutional rights was performed.  Holy god, this is pretty incredible.