Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial!



A guy who was supposed to be a sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial this week, was just some dude clapping and making nonsensical hand gestures as he stood on stage next to leaders from around the world. This International Troll of Mystery has quite possibly pulled off the biggest prank the world has ever seen. Nintey-one heads of state, and people from all corners of the Earth gathered for the memorial service in South Africa honoring the life of the late Nelson Mandela. As you would imagine this unique gathering of humans required interpreters for all languages including a sign language interpreter for the deaf, but unfortunately all they got was this guy:

I bet Obama shook this guy’s hand and took a selfie with him! (Am I right?)  The man who has not been identified is being called out by deaf groups who feel insulted by the fiasco. David Buxton, CEO of the British Deaf Association said that the man’s “hours of complete nonsense” was “disrespectful and hurtful” and “contrary to everything Mandela fought for.” Well, kudos to the “interpreter” anyway. Getting a steady job can be tough and as they say: “sometimes you got to fake it till you make it.”

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