6 Reasons Why The Footage Of That Miraculous Paper Airplane Throw Is Fake

You’ve probably seen the unbelievable footage by now of the Japanese high school student who threw a paper airplane out of a window — only to witness the paper airplane return to him following more than twenty seconds in the air. After making the catch, he gives the camera a big smile.

In case you missed this viral video, here it is:

While I could go ahead and let this feel-good story stand, what fun is that? It’s time to break the video down and debunk it. After taking a closer look, you too will believe that it’s fake.

1. As you can see in the illustration above, the paper airplane immediatley goes out of frame. If you’re concocting a hoax, that’s the first thing you need to accomplish.

2. Listen to all that needless noise and chatter while the airplane is in the air. That continuous sound helps hide the splicing of the video.

3. Once again, when it came to seeing the paper airplane return to the window, the magic took place out of frame. Both money shots were off-camera. That screams hoax.

4. If you watch the video again, look at the hard, fast move the plane makes at the end of its flight. There’s just no way that it was heading to the window. Rather, it was heading down and to the right.

5. Watch closely after the student supposedly catches it. You’ll see that he actually has two different paper airplanes in his hands. Suspicious.

6. And here’s the smoking gun: The paper airplane he tossed out the window looks nothing like the one that he caught. The original has folded, narrow wings, while the one he caught has long, broad wings.


Good try, guys. Congrats on the viral success. But this footage is fake.

Case closed.