Fake Cop Sets Up Fake Police Station in His Apartment

Impersonating a police officer may be illegal and even dangerous but you’ve got to admit that it takes a strong level of commitment and discipline to commit. Doing drugs might get slightly more respect if it required a uniform. A man in China may have taken pretending to be a cop to a whole other level by actually setting up his own fake police station. 

Police in Wuhan City, China arrested an unidentified man on Monday after discovering that he pretended to be a cop by wearing a fake uniform, driving a fake police car and building a fake police station out of his own apartment. Police first got word of the fake cop when his girlfriend (or should we say ex-girlfriend) reported him for blackmailing her by threatening to post sexually explicit photos of her on the Internet. Investigators started digging into the man’s life and discovered that he had been playing “Cops and Robbers” for the last two years. And we don’t mean that he’d been playing “Cops and Robbers” with his girlfriend for the last two years. The interrogations are a lot more fun depending on how much you like bondage play. 

The real cops in China.

According to The Guardian, the fake cop called himself “Inspector Lei” and his fake station had almost everything that a real Chinese police station might have including a bust of Mao Zedong, Chinese flags and a fake interrogation room. And since he was a bachelor, the two-way Budweiser mirror was probably a dead giveaway. 

This idea wasn’t even good as a movie.

The unidentified man pretended to be a cop as part of a moneymaking scheme so he could sell fake police documents and warrants from his fake station. Police raided the apartment and found a stockpile of fake police records, GPS tracking equipment and surveillance camera. He’s currently being held on undisclosed charges in a real police station…or is it?!?

This reminded us of another bizarre case of police impersonation in which three people from California tried to claim they were police officers with the “Masonic Fraternity Police Department” as part of a 300-year-old chapter of the Knights Templar. So they basically played “Assassin’s Creed” one too many times and they were now part of the bloodline. 

Source: UPI