5 Times The News Was Caught Faking It

Thanks to numerous 24 hour news networks, reporting on the news is probably harder than ever.  Is news really happening all day every day?  jJudging from these stories where news broadcasts had to make stuff up, the answer is no.  Not at all.

Shaken Up by BS Accident

[[contentId: 2965683| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

This story is so bad the whole thing seems borderline fake, but apparently it’s a genuine broadcast from a local FOX news affiliate in Utah, it’s just the story that’s fake.  In an attempt to share the details of a corner that’s apparently dangerous for pedestrians, the reporter rigged an “on camera” incident to drive the point home.  The incident was supposed to be a pedestrian attempting to cross and nearly getting hit.  What you see is a car that clearly doesn’t even start moving until the girl starts to cross and then the pedestrian in question backing up and tripping over the curb which the news plays off as her collapsing due to being so shaken.

Watch the video yourself and marvel at the BS.


Kill the Cops

Towards the end of 2014 there were a number of protests against police violence and outright murder across the country.  One of those protests was in Baltimore where protestors were filmed chanting “we won’t stop, we can’t stop, till killer cops, are in cell blocks.”  That was in the video taken by C-Span.

Check out the above video and you’ll see the local FOX affiliate’s cut of the chant along with an interpretation in case you couldn’t make it out, which is “we won’t stop, we can’t stop, so kill a cop.” It’s a clearly deceptive edit of the video and an outright lie made to look the protestors more violent than they actually were.

Everybody Hates Ron Paul

This is a weird one that seems like an intern just had too much time on their hands and just didn’t like Ron Paul.  For reasons unknown, footage of Ron Paul’s straw poll win from 2010 was used in 2011 when he won again, the difference being in 2011 everyone loved Paul, but in 2010 he was up against a hell of a lot of Mitt Romney supporters who booed him.  The result of which was that, when the footage was presented again as new in 2011, it looked like people were booing Paul for whatever reason.  And he didn’t know either since he wasn’t at the event, but the reporter talking to him sure went out of his way to point out people booing…from a year in the past.

MSNBC Can’t See Color

If you heard an armed man was outside a building at which the President was speaking, as a citizen, you might be concerned regardless of your political leanings.  No one should wish another person, including their President, be shot.  That said, isn’t it even more harrowing and scary if the President is one race and the guy with the gun is a different race?  Scary in that way that it’s easy to inflame people’s racist feelings by suggesting that it is?  Sure is, just ask MSNBC who fear for the President’s safety if white people with guns are allowed near him.  Except that in this particular story it was a black man, but…well…nevermind.

CNN Sells the Drama

It’s hard to decide if this even qualifies as faking the news.  Maybe just faking good sense or logic.  Regardless, this video made the rounds for everyone to make fun of because making fun of Nancy Grace is a national pastime.  In it, we can see Grace and another reporter split screened for an interview.  How exciting!  Equally as exciting was how easily viewers were able to determine both women were in the same parking lot in Phoenix, probably only a few feet from each other, given that the exact same cars keep passing behind both women within seconds of each other.

Speculation about why this happened seemed to run towards organizational issues owning to the fact that both women technically work for different parts of the same company so maybe they couldn’t coordinate a face to face, but mostly it just looks like CNN tried to polish a turd by making a “live via satellite” interview that was totally pointless.