Did Jimmy Kimmel’s Video Ruin The Internet?

Master Troll!

We here at Break take pride in providing you with the highest standard of video curation. To the best of our ability we try to determine what is fake and what is real. Sometimes we even know it’s fake, but damn if those fake videos are still entertaining!  In that case  – if we’re skeptical – we will usually ask you guys if you think the video is real or fake or bring in an expert, like Chris the EMT, to try and verify the severity of our subject’s calamity. However like most of the internet we were duped this past week.  As they say ole’ Jimmy Kimmel has pulled the wool over our eyes, taken us for fools and *spanked us harder than dominatrix who had to work through her lunch break. (They don’t say that.) As we all know by now the “Twerking Girl Fail” video was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the late night host which quickly went viral, and was featured on many news outlets.

This has led to a growing concern that the integrity of the Internet’s viral videos is now in question. How will we know for absolute certain, without a shadow of a doubt if a video of a guy getting kicked in the nuts is in fact a man who has testicles which have been kicked? What if he’s being kicked to advertise a steel toed boot? Do we have to question everything? No; because guess what? Kimmel wasn’t the first to dupe everyone with a fake video and he won’t be the last! Here are a few of the most memorable ones.


Human Bird Wings

Engineer Jarno Smeets posted a video to Youtube in which he straps giant wings to his arms, flapping them and thus seems to achieve human powered flight; the dream of mankind for eons. His POV video seems to depict him taking off and landing in a field. Only users were quick to note that if it was this simple, why hadn’t people done this decades ago? Smeets eventually admitted to the hoax.

Insane Beer Bottle Golf Shot

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In this video a girl at a party sets up a trick golf shot where she asserts she can knock a beer bottle out of a guy’s hand with the ball and proceeds to do so. Turns out this was a viral marketing campaign by Budweiser, as we see the smashed bottle held up in the end.

Eagle Swoops Up Little Kid

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In this classic video hoax an eagle swoops down to snatch a child. While this may be the beginning of a B movie plot, it is not a real video. The hoax was created by some students for a class learning CGI; both the eagle and the toddler were created digitally. A !

Jay Leno Gas Station Karaoke

Hey folks did you hear about this in the news, this is a true story. Except it’s not Jay! Maybe your chin grows every time you tell a lie, because a bit aired on The Tonight Show under the premise that unassuming people at a gas station would be prompted to sing karaoke style from a man on a pump television. Turns out the singers were paid actors who had even been in previous bits for The Tonight Show!

Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Speeding Car

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While common sense dictates that an NBA star whose legs are literally worth millions of dollars would not risk it all for the sake of a viral video, this clip of Kobe Bryant “jumping” over a speeding sports car still looks pretty cool. The video is of course a fake created by Nike.

Waitress Falls Through Window

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You don’t have to be a late night host or an NBA legend to create a good fake video. This clip of a waitress tripping and falling through a breakable stage glass window still gets the LOLS.

Leeroy Jenkins

A group of World Of Warcraft players seemingly concoct a careful attack plan only to have one player ruin everything screaming “Leroy Jenkins” as he rushes into battle.  WOW players were quick to point out the fakeness of this video, however this did not stop it from quickly going viral.

Evan Longoria’s Crazy Bare Hand Catch

Another video that turns out to be from the advertising department is Tampa Bay Ray star Evan Longoria’s bare handed catch which saved a reporter from getting beamed right in the face. Like the Kobe video, this gets props for still being a cool vid! The ad was for Gillette.

Jeff Gordon Pepsi Prank

While Pepsi sponsored this prank to begin with, the concept that an in disguise Jeff Gordon got in a car with an unsuspecting salesman and started doing 90 mile an hour donuts is totally fake. Great try though Pepsi, great try.

Pig Rescues Baby Goat

Surely a video of two adorable animals can’t be fake right? Wrong. This video of a pig “rescuing” a goat got lots of hits for Comedy Central who was using the video to promote a new show, “Nathan For You.”

What are your favorite fake videos?

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