People in Vermont Don’t Know What Latin Is

Every so often a kid takes some inititative that gets the attention of local media because, these days, we don’t expect much from children.  In this case, an 8th grader interested in her state’s history, wrote to her senator and proposed that Vermont adopt a new state motto, the Latin phrase “Stella quarta decima fulgeat.”  It used to be printed on Vermont coins back in the day, their own E Plurbius Unum, and means “May the fourteenth star shine bright.”  Why that?  Because Vermont was the fourteenth state in the union.  Sounds like a nice enough story, right?  Ahh, wait until the ignorant part starts.

The local news picked up this story as your typical puff piece.  No cat fashion shows, why not cover a go-getter 8th grader.  They presented the story as a question to their viewers – should Vermont adopt a new latin motto?  Behold the responses from WCAX’s surprisingly ignorant and potentially braindead viewer base.

Turns out Latin and Latino mean the same thing to dozens of WCAX’s Facebook fans who took to the news’s page to express rage over Mexicans and their stupid, non-English motto.  Have a look!

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This is true, Vermont is very far from either a Latin or Latino border.  Good comment.

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And the award for hilariously ironic response goes to this guy, who may or may not have been trolling.

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Hopefully the little girl who came up with this idea doesn’t feel too bad about this.  maybe she needs to translate “here be idiots” into Latin and try that one.