Do You Make As Much As A Facebook High School Intern?

DannyGallagher by DannyGallagher on Jul. 10, 2014

Remember those summer jobs you took in high school? You probably had to spend your days cleaning unholy messes that could make a maggot gag, or dealing with people who took out their frustration on you because you dared to put pickles on their precious burger. If you had one of those jobs, and are still dealing with the psychological repercussions (or if you still have a similar job), then you might want to just stop reading.

Like many major companies, Facebook has several high school interns working for it. But unlike many of those other companies, Facebook internships are paid. In fact, it's insane how much a full-time Facebook intern makes.

The New York Daily News found that high-school interns working for Mark Zuckerberg's social media empire make an average of $6,213 a month, which comes to $74,556 a year. That's more than $21,000 above the average yearly median income.

But it's not just Facebook that is paying their interns huge salaries. Some of the biggest tech companies in the country are willing to shell out thousands just to attract young new talent, even if it's just for a high school or college internship. The highest paying employer of the bunch is a data analysis company called Palantir Technologies which pays their interns $7,012 a month ($84,144 yearly). Based on these starting salaries, the chances are pretty good that they will go on to earn even more money when they get out of college and get an actual job.

That popping sound you just heard is every liberal arts graduate punching their high school guidance counselor in the face for letting them "pursue their dreams" instead of going for the money.

km9v User

I want to be an intern @ FB.

bigdogbovy User

The real world experience obtained through internship/apprenticeship programs will the thousands of times more valuable than any 'education' kids get today at our colleges and universities.  Being taught to handle the 'real world' by professional academics who have basically hid from it is absurd.


For Jackson it was Neverland Ranch sleepovers - For Zuck it is "High School Interns". Not surprising he likes that Sweet Asian High School Boy action. 

DressUpYourPet User

If you get paid it for this it is not an INTERNSHIP it is an APPRENTICESHIP. 

Interns work FOR FREE.  

APPRENTICES are novices but get paid.  

it_will_be_alright User

As long as they nurture young minds and provide them with opportunities, I'm all for it. If FB is returning value to its S/Hs and turning a profit, go for it.

it_will_be_alright User

Oh btw Break, well done. This is the kind of stuff that's a touch more interesting than "skydiving moron pretends to drop ring." I knew you guys had it in you. Your opinion pieces are also usually entertaining.