Facebook Shows Their Feminist Side With This New Icon Whether You Like It Or Not

Now that gender equality is becoming bigger than ever, facebook has joined the crusade to prove women are equal to men in all things, including social media. If you haven’t noticed, your friend request icon on the upper right of your facebook page has been changed from a man in front of a woman, to a woman in front of a man. But rest easy, my testosterone driven boys, it’s only different for woman’s profiles, not men’s.

Frankly, I didn’t even notice the icon had a man standing in front of a woman for all profiles, let alone be able to describe what the icon was for a friend request in the first place, but facebook designer Caitlin Winner noticed this subtle gesture and decided to do something about it, dammit!

Winner not only made the woman stand in front of the man for females with facebook profiles but also changed her haircut to more updated versions. Which is a shame, because I thought the original icon looked like Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

Honestly, I’m all about equality for the ladies, but just for the sake of playing devil’s advocate, maybe some women didn’t want the change. Maybe some women would rather have the man standing in front of the woman. Is that really Winner’s call to speak for women everywhere, as if to say all women want the same thing? But then again, if this is something you’re really passionate about, I think it’s time we get you a hobby.

I say take it one step further and just show genitalia in order to spell out the differences between sexes. A haircut silhouette doesn’t mean much anymore these days. You see those damn hippies out there?! But seriously, dongs and boobs. Let’s go for it, America.