Facebook Apologizes For Showing You Your Horrible Year

Facebook is constantly cooking up new schemes to engage you and help your user experience, from selling your personal info to advertisers to making its privacy policy a gibbering mess of total BS no one could hope to understand all while pretending it happened by accident.  It’s no surprise then that their friendly attempt to make you remember how awesome 2014 was didn’t go so well for some people.

Because Facebook wants everything to be done automatically with no common sense needed, it creates algorithms.  Now, if it wanted to highlight your 2014, based on Facebook use, it would make sense to use an algorithm that picked out your most liked and commented on posts and pictures to create a kind of 2014 scrapbook, right?  Insofar as that makes sense on paper, when you never stop to question what reasons people have for commenting on things.

Facebook has already apologized directly to one user who was shown his “awesome” year which was centered around his 6 year old daughter who died of brain cancer.  Other people’s highlights included friends dying, divorces, fires, job loss and assorted mayhem because, holy crap, not everything people talk about involves sunshine shooting out of their butts, something no one at Facebook thought to account for in their algorithm.  And it wasn’t just one user.

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Won’t be sharing my Facebook Year in Review, which “highlights” a post on a friend’s death in May despite words like “killed” and “sad day”

— Andrew Katz (@katz) December 29, 2014

@Facebook insensitively reminding me about my cousin who tragically died in their “Year in Review” feature #epicfail pic.twitter.com/puOTx6vDMK

— Coralie Alison (@CoralieAlison) December 26, 2014

My wife logged into Facebook to be reminded her dad died in the Spring, thanks to the year in review feature. pic.twitter.com/ejkGBYNeRN

— Matt Haughey (@mathowie) December 25, 2014

Now, if you recall years past, you may also remember, Facebook literally does this every year.  They make the same awful looking memorial videos that people make fun of eveyr single year, no one likes them and, yes, they will include dead friends and relatives parsed from your images of the past year because Facebook doesn’t care.  Didn’t care back in 2012 when it first started happening, don’t care this year.  Happy new year everyone!