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It might seem like extreme sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, skydiving, mountain climbing, etc.) and sex (hopefully I don’t have to put down any examples here) don’t have much to do with each other. After all, sex is usually practiced in private, while extreme sports are done for the benefit of, if not spectators, the participant’s own edification. But there have been a few brave people who have combined the two worlds in their own lives.

Two people who did this in the recent past are Alex Torres and Hope Howell, who you may have read about on this very site, among other places. Torres is a professional porn star who was also employed as a skydiving instructor, and he had the bright idea to combine those two aspects of his professional life in one 50-second plunge to the ground from an airplane. I say “was” because he got fired for the stunt, which (of course) was orchestrated to get Howard Stern’s attention. Once again, all roads lead to Howard Stern. The video is mildly NSFW, but you can check it out as well as an article about the stunt here.

But Torres and Howell, the Incredible Flying Sex-Havers, were not the first people to combine sex and dangerous sports (or maybe I should say “sports and dangerous sex”), even if they did come up with the most impressive way to do so. Take as an example a video from pboy.tv (a video streaming arm of Playboy magazine). It shows an array of Playboy Playmates performing some outdoor stunts while completely naked. The video doesn’t have anything as extreme as the skydiving sex stunt, on either side of the equation, but still pretty cool. Especially if you just like watching naked women do stuff. You can check out the video here.

skydive sex hope howell

A quick Google search for “extreme sports in porn” will show you that lots of porn performers out there have incorporated extreme sports into their work (you should probably wait until you’re at home to do this little bit of research if you’re at work now). There’s a couple who have sex while riding an ATV, to cite one interesting example. And if you count wrestling as an extreme sport, forget about it. But there are some sexy extreme sports that can be seen right here, and though they don’t include any explicit sexual activity per se, they’re still plenty entertaining from a sex standpoint.


Sexy extreme sports are so in demand on the internet today that one YouTube channel, XTreme Video, has a whole playlist devoted to the subject. You can check out the channel here, but you might as well stay here because I went to the trouble of curating some of the best videos from this playlist, and you can see them all below.

First up, we have the time honored sport of “X-Treme Foxy Boxing.” Some of our more naïve readers might assume that this is some kind of illegal sport based on breeding foxes and getting them to fight each other, but in fact the name comes from figurative foxes, also known as beautiful women. From watching the video, it seems like the rules of X-Treme Foxy Boxing are nebulous at best, and always changing in between rounds. But the gist of it is that the girls pretend to box each other, then pretend that they’re going to kiss, then take off some of their clothes, then box some more, sometimes with comically oversized boxing gloves. Rinse, repeat as desired. While some of the YouTube comments express dissatisfaction with X-Treme Foxy Boxing, particular as it compares to actual porn (not a lot of boxing fans seem to take issue with the sport, interestingly), it still might be worth a watch. Here’s the video:

If X-Treme Foxy Boxing is too violent for you, you might want to consider Pillow Fighting in Bikinis, which is exactly what it sounds like. The risk of injury is even lower than in Foxy Boxing, and hey, any sport that requires bikinis can’t be all bad. Here’s some video, so you can judge for yourself:

As you might assume, XTreme Video is only one place to get your sexy extreme sports fix, and it probably isn’t even the best source for that kind of material. The internet is full of these kinds of videos, like the compilation below, which shows sexy women engaged in a variety of outdoor and aquatic sports (not to be confused with “watersports,” which is another topic entirely) – and when they’re not participating, they’re spectators, which is almost as entertaining:

From Russia, a motorist captured a couple on the highway having sex in a position/location that might seem pretty hard to believe, outside of a Nicolas Cage movie:

That’s right; those two people are having sex on a motorcycle speeding down the highway. This is in no way recommended, but if you do insist on trying it, remember to wear a helmet. And unlike this guy, remember to get a helmet for your girlfriend!

Speaking of dangerous places to have sex that are not safe for the public, how about sex while hanging off the side of a mountain? It’s happened at least once, if this video is to be taken for real.

That’s a preview for a full-length porno video purportedly showing two people having sex while mountain climbing. I suppose if you’re interested enough to see the whole thing, you can find it easily enough. And if you have a fetish for bonking while climbing mountains, my hat is off to you, because that is a dangerous hobby. DO NOT ATTEMPT.


You probably noticed that the adventures chronicled above aren’t any more famous than your average porn star, and most of them are much more anonymous than that. Lots of people are more interested in seeing celebrities do things like this, but there aren’t very many of examples of celebrities doing anything as crazy as having sex while skydiving – pretty much none, in fact. Celebrities tend to manage their public personae a little too closely for anything like public sex, so until Miley Cyrus gets her skydiving license you’ll just have to hold out and let your imagination do the work.

But you might be interested in a recent stunt from supermodel Kate Upton. While it doesn’t technically involve sex, pretty much everything Kate Upton does is sexy, and this was no different, with the added benefit of being pretty extreme, too.

The stunt was performed for Sports Illustrated, and had Kate Upton donning a swimsuit (it was for the magazine’s famous annual Swimsuit Issue) and modeling for a photo shoot on board an aircraft from the Zero Gravity Corporation. As the name suggests, Zero Gravity gives customers the most accurate simulation of what it’s like to be in a zero gravity environment while remaining within the Earth’s atmosphere. Kate Upton … zero gravity … the possibilities are practically limitless.

Here are some photos from the shoot:

kate upton zero g

kate upton floating

kate upton in space

And if you prefer video, you’re in luck, because you can see some taken of the shoot right here:

Then there’s former Playboy Playmate and reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson, who opened up to Us magazine about, among other things, the time she had sex with her husband on a jet ski:

There’s no video of the blessed event, unfortunately, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. I imagine it was akin to this, only slightly sexier:


Taking a model and putting her in an extreme situation is a good way to inject an extra amount of danger and excitement into a photo shoot (as long as it’s totally safe, anyway). I’m not 100% sure this counts as sexy, but I guess sex and marriage are related, theoretically, anyway:

extreme wedding

The above photo comes from an advertisement for a proposed “extreme wedding” business. The business would involve Gil Weiss going to pretty much any location and officiating weddings. Unfortunately, the business never got off the ground due to Weiss’ untimely death in a climbing accident. Extreme living has its price, remember.

Then there are simply photos of sexy women in extreme sports related poses. Apologies in advance if one or more of these women turn out to be highly respected athletes in their fields, no disrespect is intended:

womein in bikinis on surf board



As this blog post has indicated, we are only at the cusp of the potential for interaction between extreme sports and sex. Only a brief overview of this concept is covered here, but as time goes on, and people get bolder and more courageous about combining sex with dangerous activities, the field will continue to grow and grow. Who knows, in 10 years or so we might be looking at Alex Torres and Hope Howell (the pair who had sex while skydiving, remember them?) as important pioneers in the field.

As for what the future holds when it comes to sex and extreme sports, no one can really say for sure. Extreme sex might become a competitive or even a professional sport, instead of just a hobby. The X-Games are coming up, but just imagine what the XXX-Games would be like (sorry, that was a really obvious joke).

In any case, we live in a world where people are not only having sex in wild places like up in the air or off the side of a cliff, but documenting it for the entire world to see. So all you have to do in order to see what’s going to happen in this arena is keep your eyes open and maintain an open mind. And if you’re not content just to watch, use your imagination and creativity to have your own kind of crazy, extreme sex – with proper safety precautions, of course – if you (and your sex partner) dare.