Teacher Gives Extra Credit To Students Who Take Selfies With Parents’ Sex Toys

Extra credit assignments in high school are always a good thing – especially if you were an overachieving nerd like myself. Who needs a social life when you can put your grades over the top and make your parents proud? A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area took a very different approach in assigning some extra credit – or should I say XXX-tra credit?

These moms just don’t understand.

An unnamed teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda is under investigation because parents of his students said he sent them home with the extra credit of finding sex toys and condoms in their parents’ special drawers of seduction and taking selfies with what they find – and one of the students actually completed the assignment. According to one of the disgruntled parents, it was used as an example of what it should look like.

First off, no high schooler should want to know anything about their parents’ sex life. I am well into my thirties and I refuse to believe that my parents still do anything sexual. Secondly, why would you even want to handle a piece of equipment they may or may not have been poked and prodded in your parents’ “arousal area.”

Parents want this teacher fired, while the high school’s administrators are implying that it may have been a joke. Parents are saying they don’t feel comfortable with their children in the teacher’s presence and it seems like the high school is just skirting around the issue saying it’s an “HR issue.”

This teacher has an odd sense of humor or is comfortable with his parents and their sex toys. But I think the pressing question at hand is, “How much extra credit was this worth?” If it boosted their kids’ GPAs, maybe parents would stop worrying.