Rihanna Rumors and Gossip

Rihanna bottomless in front of a fire

Since she burst on the music scene in 2005 with her debut album, “Music of the Sun,” Rihanna has been a recording sensation. She followed up her debut with “A Girl Like Me” in 2006 but it was her album, “Good Girl Gone Bad” in 2007 and its hit single “Umbrella” that brought her to international acclaim.  Nominated for nine Grammy Awards, “Umbrella” won for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.  As Rihanna’s singing career took off so did her fame.  In addition to singing, she added acting gigs to her biography and became a style icon.  Also admired for her fashion style, constantly evolving looks and cover girl modeling, in 2009 Rihanna began to get attention when she modeled for another type of photograph, namely nude pictures that were leaked to the internet.  The set of pictures included one of a man that had similar tattoos to Chris Brown so it was rumored that Brown had leaked the pictures. In 2012, TIME named Rihanna one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

In 2011, another set of selfie pictures of a topless Rihanna holding her breasts made its way around the web.  Rihanna admitted sexting those pictures to her boyfriend at the time and it somehow got leaked.  Then again in 2011, Hustler magazine announced they had a sex tape featuring Rihanna and J. Cole, the opening act on the North American leg of her Loud! Tour.  For such a young woman, Rihanna has been at the center of several sex scandal rumors.  Perhaps that’s just the byproduct of constantly being on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list and being named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive of 2011.

From Esquire photoshoot. Who needs leaked nude photos?


From a German photoshoot:

Rihanna bottomless in front of a fire


No because the rumor about a sex tape came out in 2011 and the nude pictures of a woman who looked like Rihanna hit the internet in May 2009.  The set of 8 photos were self-portrait nudes of a woman shot in various hotel mirrors and didn’t show the woman’s head but did show the woman in various stages of undress in addition to her private parts.  Included in the leaked pictures were two headshot pictures of Rihanna’s face.  There was also a blurry picture of a shirtless man with lacy underwear on his head who resembled Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.  By May 2009, Rihanna and Brown were exes due to the highly publicized domestic violence altercation on February 8, 2009 which led to the cancellation of Rihanna’s scheduled performance at the 51st Grammy Awards.  Brown was eventually sentenced to five years probation, domestic violence counseling and more than 1,400 hours community service for the assault.  

Nik Ritchie founder of Thedirty.com was one of the sites who published the pictures said that the pictures were submitted to him by anonymous sources.  He guessed the pictures were taken at the London hotel in Los Angeles and when asked who he thought leaked them Richie guessed they came through Chris Brown. Other bloggers and websites had the same notion but a statement was released from a spokesperson for Brown’s label, Jive that said, “Rumors that images circulating on the web which purport to be provocative photos of Rihanna were ‘leaked’ by Chris Brown are both false and defamatory.  Chris has not released or ‘leaked’ any photos of Rihanna (or anyone else for that matter).”  Rihanna’s record label, Island Def Jam Music Group sent a letter to at least one website that published the photos and demanded that the photos be removed from the site. The letter refered to “unauthorized photos purported to be…Rihanna,” and called the photos a violation of “the Artist’s rights” but didn’t deny or confirm whether it was Rihanna.

A battered Rihanna after the Chris Brown incident.  The leak may have come from the police department.

Rihanna post chris brown beating

Finally in December 2009, Rihanna admitted in a radio interview with Hot 97, a New York City radio station that she was the woman in those leaked pictures.  The singer explained, “They were for my boyfriend at the time,” and added “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures then I feel bad for him.”  The nude pictures followed the untimely leak of a picture of her battered face after the Chris Brown assault that also made its way to the internet.  Rihanna said, “Trust me, I was [freaked out]. It was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me. I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that [with the other photo leak] and then, when that came out, I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life,’ ” she said. “It was humiliating and it was embarrassing.”  Anxious about her mother’s reaction to the nude photos scandal, Rihanna sent her flowers before calling to break the news.  “I was nervous [but] when the world is against me she’s always there supporting,” she said. 

It is her!

Rihanna sexy picture in mirror

See the rest of the photos for yourself here.


In February 2011, Rihanna got entangled in yet another leaked photo situation and although some have referred to this photo leak as a “scandal,” this would be better categorized as an “oops.”  The most risqué of the photos is a topless Rihanna covering her breasts with her arms as she takes a selfie. Another picture shows her rear end in mesh shorts.  The singer has worn less in photo spreads for international magazines.  However this time, Rihanna was very honest that these indeed were pictures of her.  When a fan sent Rihanna a tweet that linked to one of the pictures and asked, “What is this?” She answered, “That would be… ME, when I was skinny!” 

See them here.  See, it’s not so bad…

Rihanna topless

However, the singer said she was at an airport when she got a text about the leaked pictures.  Rihanna said, “I could barely stand. I went to the first bathroom I saw and just sat in the stall with the door open. People kept coming in and staring at me sitting on the toilet bowl. I was mortified. I didn’t even want to leave the airport.”  When asked why she took the pictures, the R&B star said, “When you’re not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. When you’re alone, and those horny moments come up, pictures can be very handy.”  The more interesting aspect of this photo leak is who the pictures were sent to.  Reportedly, after Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up she began dating a popular sports star.  Many have guessed these pictures were sent to baseball player Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers and from there somehow they got out.  How…is anybody’s guess.


Rihanna and J. Cole

Rihanna and j cole

2011 was a busy year for Rihanna in terms of rumors.  In August, porn magazine Hustler issued a statement claiming they had a video featuring Rihanna and rapper J. Cole who was the opening act on her Loud! Tour.  She had also made a cameo in his music video, “Can’t Get Enough.” A Hustler rep said, “Hustler is in possession of the Rihanna and J. Cole tape. We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet.”  They would not disclose any further details.  Media Takeout reported that the sex video was found on J. Cole’s lost cell phone.  J. Cole may have lost his cell phone but there is no sex video.  In an interview, J. Cole was actually able to have a sense of humor about the whole thing while he and Rihanna both took to Twitter to tell everyone what they thought of the sex tape rumors:

rihanna and j cole tweets

For some, finding a Rihanna sex tape is like finding pirate’s gold but since it doesn’t exist, there is no gold to mine.  As for most female celebrities, there are various snippets of sex videos with someone who looks like Rihanna floating around the internet.  They generally are on sites trying to lure you to a paid adult site.  Alleged nude pictures of Rihanna are all Photoshopped.  But since Rihanna’s entire career is kind of like a sex tape, there’s plenty of videos and pictures of the singer practically naked so there’s no need to go hunting down a sex video.  And if Rihanna’s fascination with creating and texting self-portraits continue, there’s no doubt, that just like the below compilation video shows, there will never be a shortage of opportunities to see the singer at her finest.