Burn Everything: People Are Finding Exploding Spider Sacs All Over The Place

Unless you’re a robot, you probably hate spiders like any sane person, which is what makes this story that much more disheartening. Knowing spiders could be hiding anywhere is bad news, but exploding spider sacs are apparently taking over our fears since people are finding pregnant female spiders carrying their babies in the darkest corners. Spiders often lay their sac on a web, but now they’re giving birth in the worst places for your enjoyment.

Like underneath your car door handle for instance as shown by this photo below.

As if reaching to open your car door only to have hundreds of baby spiders explode onto your hand wasn’t enough of a terrible visual, here’s video taken by a family who tried killing a spider with a broom. Unfortunately they weren’t counting on that spider to birth hundreds of baby spiders immediately.

Burn the house down, just burn it down.

Yellow spiders, which is the type of spider most people are coming into contact with are luckily harmless but that certainly doesn’t help make the situation any better now does it. Most spiders lay up to 1500 baby spiders and frankly, just one of those is enough for me to set my skin on fire. Luckily right now, Britain is really the only place reporting the arachnid takeover, but if you’ve seen Arachnaphobia, we all know those little buggers know how to travel overseas.

In short, make sure you douse your bed in bleach before going to sleep tonight!