Exclusive Justin Bieber Arrest Photos You’ll Only See Here

Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami this morning for driving under the influence and speeding during an alleged street racing incident.  Luckily, Break has the full rundown including EXCLUSIVE photographs you won’t find anywhere else.

Bieber was arrested at 4:11AM, driving a rented yellow Lamborghini. The 19-year-old toddler looked pretty sad about it.

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Miami Beach Police Detective Vivian Hernandez told the Daily News that he was arrested “For his DUI charge it’s going to be a combination of alcohol and narcotics (marijuana).”  The police and Bieber spent some time tickling each other before taking him to his cell.

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It was also stated that Bieber was under the influence of prescription medicine as well during his arrest which then lead to a brief nap in the station.

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Justin Bieber was then given one phone call at which time he learned which sound the cow made.

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Mr. Beiber then layed around in his jail cell until 2PM this afternoon when his $2,500 bail was posted.  An officer reportedly said “Who’s the worst baby??  Huh?  You’re the worst, baby.  Yes you are!”

[[contentId: 2567036| | style: height:414px; width:478px]]

And now little Justin Bieber is free to drive recklessly all over again.  Kids are so precious, shame they don’t stay young forever.

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– TODD SPENCE (twitter)