Ex-NBA Player Gets Ejected From Game In China For Causing Massive Brawl

Remember the fight that went down in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLIX and how disgraceful we all thought it was as soon as we stopped cheering and yelling “Rip the &*$&er’s head off!”? Well, let’s go to China where an ex-NBA player got ejected from a game over a fight that went all the way from the court to the locker room.

It all went down during Game 3 of the Chinese Basketball Association quarterfinal match between Qingdao DoubleStar and Shanxi Zhongyu. Former NBA player Von Wafer made a nasty collision with Xudong Luo during a drive to the basket. Wafer drew a penalty and that made him mad enough to throw a chair into the crowd.

Referees tend to frown on that sort of behavior so they kindly asked him to leave the court but it didn’t end there. Jeremy Tyler, another former NBA player, walked over to try and make amends with Wafer for hitting him in the face earlier in the game.

Wafer, however, will hear none of it. He pushed Tyler away and that sparked a massive brawl between both teams that brought the entire game to a halt.

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The fight didn’t stop there. It spilled over into the locker room where it got even more violent. The fight got so bad that a team of arena security has to physically keep them separated. They eventually had to literally surround individual players to keep them separated so they wouldn’t continue pummeling each other.

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What kind of basketball games are they playing in China? It sounds like all they need are a couple of chainsaws and they’ve got a perfect recreation of the game in the movie The Running Man.

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source: sbnation