Dollar Store Toy Has Hidden Surprise Depicting A Demonic Girl Cutting Herself

When perusing the toy aisles of a Dollar Store, it’s a little odd to see a toy wand called “Evil Stick” out of all of the generic options the aisle may offer. But it’s even more odd when you peel back the mirror like sticker on the head of the wand to reveal an image of a young possessed girl slitting her arm with a kitchen knife. A mom in Dayton, Ohio bought the Evil Stick wand for her daughter from the local dollar store when the wand’s mirror-like foil came unglued revealing the image. 

I’m all for surprises, but c’mon. Even as an “adult”, that’s just a horrifying thing to put on anything, let alone a kids toy. Evil Stick or not.

Also if one weren’t paying attention, the packaging to the toy itself makes one think that its simply a fairy wand with pink and purple colors surounded by snowflakes. So why on earth call it an Evil Stick?

After the local news had heard of the story, a reporter asked the owner of the store what he thought about the hidden image in the wand. He said, “The name on it, it says “Evil Stick. So from the name, if I was buying it for my kid, I would inspect it before I gave it to them.” Well said, you crazy owner of a dollar store.

No comment has been made from the actual company that made this thing, but personally I kind of want to get my hands on one because it’s just too bizarre to not collect.

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source: Independent