Evil Geniuses Photograph Toddlers Eating Their First Lemons

Mark-Potts by Mark-Potts on Aug. 15, 2013

Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile are geniuses. And kinda evil, but in a good way. For their new photo series, they decided to give babies lemons and take pictures of their reactions. And it's pretty great. Now, if only all your annoying Facebook friends would do this with their kids, it might make their countless posts easier to swallow (I get it, Linda. You had a baby and you're proud. I don't need 90 pictures a day of the dumb thing sitting on the floor. What am I suppose to do? Praise your baby for sitting? Shut up, Linda).

- Mark (twitter)

Annemarie Pierce
Annemarie Pierce

Pink Floyd just popped into my head when I saw this: "We Don't Need No Education"---guess I am channeling stupidity.

bluedragon8545 User

what i dnt get is why did the photographer have these kids take their shirts off? sum1 call the cops on this sicko!!!


These kids are ugggggggggggggggly

apoplexy User

Number 4 looks like baby Larry the Cable Guy and number 5 looks like Ron White.


I particularly like the second to last girl. She looks ready for another taste, which is bravery above and beyond the call of lemon, if you know what I mean. Reminds me of  the adage that Every single baby is evidence that God has not lost faith on humanity. :) Congratulations to the photographers and to your site. 

retardiq60 User

I like babies but not those babies


All the Asians eyes disappeared.

Paul_UK78 User

Looks like the Asians love it!

Nord20 User

@Paul_UK78 To me it looked like all the girls loved it and the boys couldn't hack it. Cept the last one, but that's coz he's Asian.