Everyone Assumed It Was A Halloween Decoration: Nope, It Was A Real Corpse

This is the time of year some folks enjoy apple picking, watching scary movies and finally dropping the act of being a human being and walking amongst people as the killers they really are, splattered with blood and everyone thinks it’s all for Halloween. Sadly what residents of Chillicothe, Ohio thought was some Halloween fun, turned out to be a real life horror. Just this week we learned about the woman in Detroit whose Halloween decoration is constantly mistaken for a real body. However, the good people of Ohio assumed the opposite and mistook a REAL BODY for a Halloween decoration.

*No, one of these is not the real body in question; but damn- these people are messed up!

While it is not clear how long the body had been there, on Thursday morning construction workers walking by the supposed dummy hanging on a fence realized that it was in fact a real woman. Her body dangled over the fence, her sleeve caught on the metal, her face badly beaten, people say she was unrecognizable. They couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman, so neighbors assumed it was a fake zombie.  She has been identified as Rebecca Cade, 31.

Police arrested Donnie Cochenour Jr. who had been seen fighting with Cade earlier in the week. While they aren’t sure the motive, police found the murder weapon, a rock covered in blood Cochenour used to hit her.

Donnie Cochenour Jr. is going as a murderer for Halloween and totally nailed the costume.

Tammy Dixon who lives near the murder scene thought it was just another Halloween prank. She says;

‘It was straight out of a horror story. It was the worst Halloween scene you could imagine’

To make things even more frightening this town has been the subject of a suspected serial killer hunt with several unsolved deaths and disappearances of women over the past two years. However police do not suspect that Cochenour is the serial killer; he’s just another animal who is now thankfully of the street.

So the lesson here is if you see a “Halloween decoration,” hanging in your neighbor’s yard you might want to double check.  

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Source: Up North Live