Does This Holiday Cookie Cutter Look Filthy To You Guys Too?

Most cookie cutters obviously portray what the designer was going for. A christmas tree, a pumpkin, even an elephant, but this cookie cutter which is supposed to portray a rainbow coming out of a cloud and into a pot looks a little, well, obscene.

Yeah, we think it looks like a dong too. At first glance, one may not see a cloud, rainbow or a pot but more like John Holmes’ bushy package.

Selling for a mere $12.50 on “The Fussy Pup” Etsy page, a name that already seems a little off if you read it too quickly, the item’s description reads as if the seller has no idea of the artistic potential they have on their hands.

Wow your friends with this awesome cookie cutter. Having a St. Patty’s Day get together? Whip up a batch of these super cute rainbow cookies and spread the cheer.

Talk about some lucky charms.

Frankly, if you just come out and say you’re selling a dong cookie cutter with bush included, maybe you might sell a few more. St. Patrick’s Day happens once a year but sex sells all year long, folks.