Real Estate Agent Accidentally Uploads Images Of Her Affair To House Listing

Here’s another great example of why people are a little too quick on their phone these days, especially in terms of proofing whatever the hell you’re about to post online. One real estate agent learned the hard way after uploading four filthy images to a listing by accident. The real burn is that the images were from an affair she was having, one she probably now wishes she didn’t document.

Apparently the agent who is remaining nameless tried uploading images of the property to the listing from her computer but after leaving her house, the site informed her that the images did not get posted because they were the wrong size. So the agent decided to upload the images from her phone and, well, was apparently in just too big of a hurry to double check what the hell she had just uploaded. Check out the listing, kids–this house is showing off both it’s upstairs and downstairs!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention these pics are censored. Sowwy.

It’s unclear if the woman’s husband saw the pics or how long the images stayed public but the agent apparently did get her listing account suspended from the website Redfin where the images were placed.

I’ll tell you one thing, if there’s something we at Break know about is that a lady in a compromising position such as this in the thumbnail will certainly get your listing more clicks than you bargained for. So, all in all, maybe this was a brilliant move on her part?

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